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About Aubry Elizabeth

As an Freelance Artist and an Individual, it has been a challenge to push myself past the insecurities and pressures I have put on myself. With this online gallery showcasing my works and talents I hope to overcome the voice in my head that constantly whispers "You can't". 

I am a 20 something year old mother and wife living with my decisions, failures, and accomplishments. Every choice I have made has put me on the path to meet my incredibly supportive husband, Kevin, and has made me the very proud mother to our son, Waylon. We are a military family and although I grew up in the Army/Military community, we are on a journey together entirely new to each of us. Throughout the coming years I hope to stay connected with those I have met along the way by putting my heart and soul on canvas. Fine Art commissions have become a perfect vessel to heal not only myself but those around me. I have recently been greatly inspired by a Georges Braque quote I saw in passing;

"Art is a wound turned into light"

I was struck and found a new deeper meaning to the title Blue Desert Rose. 

I hope you will join us on this adventure in chaos as I discover my path and I truly hope you find some inspiration in my collection. I would love to create something that means as much to you, as the pieces I have already created, mean to me.

-Aubry Elizabeth

In loving Memory
Rosemary Lear Humkey
February 8, 1960 ~ May 20, 2021 (age 61)

A selfless and generous soul.

Rosemary is without a doubt someone who has had a tremendous affect on the direction my life. Not only did she mother my husband but she took me, and hundreds of others, into her heart.

She made a point to support young people and to be a comforting presence to those who felt alone. She made everyone feel welcome, fed those who were hungry, sheltered those in need, and nurtured personal growth and betterment for those who would listen.

Our Happy Place

February 8th, 2023

Two generously trusting and faultlessly loving individuals who have encouraged every good decision I have made since meeting them. They have given their most cherished loves, their family, to me. As poetic as all of the sounds and looks, I could never truly express just how much love they have given me and I hope to give them. 

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Mrs. Humkey

Mr. Humkey

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