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The policies below are a blanket statement across the site, Every Item has a policy attached with a bit more legal jargon and over rides any thing that does not explicitly name the product in question. The statements below are to give you insight on how I plan to run my business. - Aubry Elizabeth

As is often the case, a lot can change without there being much we can do about. This includes damages during shipping due to poor weather or abuse of a package. This is why, included in the cost of shipping, I make a point to insure all commission packages for the full cost to the purchaser and to myself. This is intended to cover your loss and mine. Before I add insurance however, it is 100% up to the purchaser if they would like their order insured. If the option to not include insurance is chosen I will not be held responsible to refund all or any amount of the cost of the commission. This is because I am not longer responsible for the painting once it has been safely handed to the shipping company. Any damages will have to be taken up with them at that point. In the case of insured packages, I will assist or head the dispute with the shipping company. Regardless of the circumstances, because I have already (at the time of shipping) done the work, used my materials, and taken the time to create and complete a piece that was approved, accepted, and paid for and should be compensated for said efforts. I know this can sound harsh or frank, but I am not a factory. There is not an assembly line or even a process to which I can recreate anything to an exact degree to even replace a lost commission. It is with this policy in mind that I will always suggest to opt for an insured shipping option. As things progress, I will eventually get a point where I can have a shipping schedule that insures all of my paintings at little to no extra cost to you.  ​ As for prints or other merchandise that is not hand painted or commissioned, situations will be taken on a case by case basis. Again, any cost issues will have to be taken up with the shipping company as all of these pieces come insured already included in the service due to their size and packaging. I will always be willing to send a new print upon seeing the damages caused prior to arrival.   ​ If at any point you have questions or feel like your situation needs more attention, please do not hesitate to message me directly with any concerns you have. 

Bear with me.. lol Below you will see how I price my artwork as best as I can break it down.  Hourly Rates based on 10+Years Painting Experience. 10+ years of experience with Acrylics $20/hour Newly developing in Gouache $10/hour 4+ years with Watercolors ​ Linear Rates (length + width=Linear Total) based on materials Paper/Sheets $2 Surface $3 (repurposed, recycled, thrift) Canvas $4 ​ Additional Items that vary in price Matting (remnants ($1), Art Center of El Paso, Art Master) Framing (new, reclaimed/thrift ($5), Art Masters) Mounting Hardware (hooks, wiring, hangars) ​ By having two pricing structures, I have found a way to balance the cost to you, the client/customer, and the compensation to myself for the time it takes to paint and the years it takes to paint at this level. When there is wide discrepancy between the two prices, I average the two. If I feel the average is an appropriate balance, this is the price I will use. This is generally less than $100 from the higher price.    ​ Based on the factors above.  ​ Using my Let it Rain Original painting.  ​ It took me 14 hours to paint using acrylic on on a 10x20 inch canvas. ​ 14 hours x $20 acrylic hourly rate = $280 10+20= 30 Linear Inches > 30 linear inches x $4 canvas rate = $120  ​ $280 - 120 = 160, a gap larger than the linear estimate.  ​ Finding my average price: $280 + $120 = $400 $400/2 = $200 ​ ​ For odd prices like $113 or $131, I will generally lower to $100, or round out to $130.  ​ When a piece is commissioned, I have these prices broken down in the quotes and or final invoice.  ​

At Blue Desert Rose, I strive to give my customers the most enjoyable gallery experience possible. To make sure that happens, we make sure our store policies are fair, clear and transparent. Read on to see all our policies below. If you can’t find the exact information you’re looking for, please get in touch and I’ll do my very best to help you out. ​ Project Updates ​ As a general rule, I try to keep regular contact with current clients by supplying a Work In Progress (WIP) photo every few days as noticeable progress is made. Every client can make a request on how frequently or infrequently they would like these updates.  Once a client has been updated and acknowledged the photos, I will post the same photos to my social media pages. The only time I will not share photos to social media is for projects that are intended to be a surprise or a mystery project. (my design without input from the client) ​ Pricing For most products you will see a clearly displayed price. For "Deposit Listings" or blank canvases, what you are purchasing, is actually a deposit for a commission. This is displayed clearly on any listing that is a deposit item. Once the purchase is made a consultation will be scheduled to go over any details for your project if one has not already been completed. These details cover all aspects of a project like: Number of Pieces (i.e. 2+ canvas for a single project) Special supplies (i.e. crackle paint, metallic paints, uncommon colors by request) Overall complexity of the commission (i.e. an empty landscape vs highly detailed landscape with multiple subjects) ​ Once all factors are discussed, and pricing is agreed upon. An estimated project time will be quoted and the project will begin! The quote will be sent through regardless of how we initiate a project. Once a quote is accepted, you will have 3 (three) days to cancel if you wish to receive your deposit back. After the 3 day period, your deposit is non refundable. This ensures that any progress I have made (sketches, planning time, etc) is compensated.  ​ How is the deposit used? Your deposit will be used to help cover any special materials that it can, the canvas, or just to show intent to purchase the final painting. This total is put towards the final purchase. ​ For Example: $25 deposit on a $100 commission. $75 is due upon completion + shipping cost. ​ Factors never included in final or quoted pricing as of March 1, 2021 Shipping cost is covered by the client outside of El Paso County, Texas. Once a commission is complete, a full shipping quote will be obtained and sent to the Client. An invoice will be created to cover the shipping and will be shipped once payment is received. This money is for the shipping companies and not for the Artist. Similar sized paintings, as I go along, I will be able to estimate shipping cost. ​ Final Payments Final payments are arranged with each client on an individual basis. PayPal, Cash, CashApp, Venmo, and Check (delivery upon clearing) are acceptable forms of payments, and payment plans can be arranged on projects upwards of $100. An invoice will be sent to your email and will have any documentation available for your records and mine. ​ Cancelled Commissions and Non-responsive Clients ​ If a commission has be delayed for lack of funds, the deposit will be kept if applicable. For projects not requiring a deposit, the original client has 3 months to purchase the completed painting before I post it for public sale. Any client who has not claimed a previous commission within 3 months (non-responsive) will have to pay for future commissions in full before a project is started. ​ For special circumstances, please contact me directly and we can come to an arrangement. I fully understand that custom works in any industry are an extra purchase outside of the responsibilities of life. I am more than happy to hold onto a painting if you need more time. I want my clients to feel good when they see my art work. I don't want my artwork to be a sore spot in their home or hidden away because it was purchased when money was tight. ​ Processing Times Processing a painting is really the dry, cure, and seal time. Most acrylic paintings take a few days to dry and a few weeks to cure. Sealing is usually about a weeks time. Oil paintings take much longer and gouache and watercolor take almost no time at all. I will make sure to mention this in all listings that it applies and in every consultation.  ​ For any other policy questions, or if I have missed a detail that you think is important, please send me a message and we can get it worked out! - Aubry Elizabeth. BDR

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