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Blue Desert Rose

A Home Bound Artist Gallery

As an Freelance Artist and an Individual, it has been a challenge to push myself past the insecurities and pressures I have put on myself. With this online gallery showcasing my works and talents I hope to overcome the voice in my head that constantly whispers "You can't". 

I am a 20 something year old mother and wife living with my decisions, failures, and accomplishments. Every choice I have made has put me on the path to meet my incredibly supportive husband, Kevin, and has made me the very proud mother to our son, Waylon. We are a military family and although I grew up in the Army/Military community, we are on a journey together entirely new to each of us. Throughout the coming years I hope to stay connected with those I have met along the way by putting my heart and soul on canvas. Fine Art commissions have become a perfect vessel to heal not only myself but those around me. I have recently been greatly inspired by a Georges Braque quote I saw in passing;

"Art is a wound turned into light"

I was struck and found a new deeper meaning to the title Blue Desert Rose. 

I hope you will join us on this adventure in chaos as I discover my path and I truly hope you find some inspiration in my collection. I would love to create something that means as much to you, as the pieces I have already created, mean to me.

-Aubry Elizabeth

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